Which Flashlight Battery Pack would you buy if you had $100 to spend?


A few days ago we asked which Flashlight Pack would you choose if you were offered a gift of $250? Of course we would expect you would most likely have included a set of batteries and charger to power the flashlight of your dreams. Today, however, we are asking which batteries/charger would you prefer if you already owned a flashlight but needed to either purchase new cells or replacements. If you had $100 to spend how would you go about selecting the best power solution for your flashlight?

Since we would want to do our part to preserve our natural environment, rechargeable batteries should be the obvious choice over disposables. You can hardly find a $25 flashlight which does not offer a rechargeable battery power option. No matter the size, whether it is AA, AAA, or CR123, there is a rechargeable alternative available. With your $100 to burn you certainly don’t want to take any unnecessary risks by choosing any cheap set of batteries and charger.

So, let the fun begin. For starters you can check out Amazon’s rechargeable battery store, they have most brands and sizes along with a range of chargers.

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