Waklyte S04D: Sleek budget flashlight does the job for which it intended

If you cannot afford a decent flashlight for less than ten dollars, then you cannot afford it. However, if you desire a bright flashlight with an adjustable focus feature to provide emergency lighting for the home, the Waklyte S04D may just fit the bill. Not only would this light be useful at home but it would serve as a useful companion out on the next camping or hiking adventure. The flashlight comes with three AAA batteries so you have a portable lighting solution in one go. The Waklyte S04D can also be powered by one rechargeable Lithium Ion battery. The light produces a maximum output of 750 lumens, a beam throw distance of 350 meters and five light modes; High, Mid, Low, Strobe and SOS. The Waklyte S04D is easily operated by pressing the tailcap button. You can zoom-in and zoom-out the light beam by stretching the head for the desired focus.

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