Sunwayman Comet: Rechargeable keychain flashlight delivers 88 lumens

The Sunwayman Comet is a compact rechargeable keychain flashlight which could easily be added to your key fob to provide illumination to the immediate surroundings during low light conditions. The flashlight measures a mere 46.4mm long with a head diameter of 16mm. The Comet weighs 19.8 grams without a battery installed. The flashlight is constructed from an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy which features an anodized anti-abrasive finish. The tail of the light is designed to be fitted to a keychain or lanyard for easy carry. An included Zinc alloy C-Clasp can be attached to the tail for convenience.

The Comet utilizes a Cree XQ-E R2 LED, a smooth metal reflector and an acrylic glass lens.The flashlight is powered by a rechargeable 10180 Lithium battery. The battery is recharged inside the light via a connection from the Micro-USB port in the neck of the light to an external USB power supply. To recharge the battery you loosen the head to expose the charging port and plug in a USB cable to begin charging. When charging the light will turn off and a red indicator lamp will turn on and turn off once the charging is complete. Charging time is approximately thirty minutes.

The Sunwayman Comet produces two light modes, a maximum high output of 88 lumens and a minimum low output of 16 lumens. The flashlight is operated by twisting the head. Twist or loosen the head in a clockwise direction to turn on the light. Twist or tighten the head in a counter clockwise direction to turn off the light. By turning on and off the flashlight you are also able to switch between light modes. The comet would be a handy EDC light for the user who desires a mini flashlight but the light would also make a neat little gift for that special someone. The Sunwayman Comet flashlight pack includes a lanyard ring, O-ring and Zinc alloy C-Clasp.

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