Saturday’s Best Flashlight Deals: BYGO, JIA LE, Olight, Larnn, Nitecore And More

We checked out some recent flashlight deals and present to you our top ten picks for the weekend.

1. BYGO 5018S-LED Searchlight











The BYGO 5018S is one powerful spotlight pushing upwards of 1200 lumens, the flashlight utilizes a Cree T6 LED and is powered by a rechargeable 26650 4000 mAh battery. The flashlight can also be powered by one 18650 battery or three AA batteries. The flashlight features a neat carry handle and comes with a plastic battery tube for an 18650 or 26650 battery, AA battery holder, 26650 battery(4000 mAh) and charger.

2. JIA LE 2Pack LED Flashlight Kit











The JIA LE 2Pack LED flashlight kit contains two flashlights, 18650 rechargeable Lithium Ion 3.7V 4200mAh batteries, two AAA battery holders, two 18650 battery sleeves and one 18650 battery charger. These adjustable focus flashlights would be just as useful in or outdoors for home security or tactical lighting.

3. Larnn Led Tactical Flashlight









The Larnn Led tactical flashlight kit contains two rechargeable 18650 Lithium Ion batteries, one charger, lanyard and AAA battery holder. The flashlight features five light modes and the zoom function in the head.

4. Nitecore P12








The Nitecore P12 may be a few years old but a top quality flashlight nevertheless. The flashlight pack includes a Nitecore 18650 rechargeable battery and a LumenTac charger.

5. Olight R50 Pro SEEKER LE










Even though Olight R50 Pro SEEKER LE is designed with law enforcement being the focus, the user who desires a really bright flashlight would not be disappointed with the 3200 lumen output of this beast. The flashlight utilizes a Cree XHP70 LED and is powered by by one 26650 Li-ion 4500mAh rechargeable battery.

6. Panasonic BK-4MCCA4BA eneloop AAA









These eneloop AAA rechargeable batteries would be an excellent power choice for any of the flashlights on this page which allow this option.

7. Sunwayman P25C











There are only three of the Sunwayman P25C flashlights available so you would have to act soon if you desire to own own one of these quality EDCs.

8. SureFire G2X







Want to own a Surfire but feel you cant afford one? No problem. The SureFire G2X goes for a little over forty bucks which is really nice for a flashlight which outputs 320 lumens and is encased in a rugged Nitrolon casing.

9. TacticalGearz 2 Pack LED Flashlights and Molle Pack







This flashlight is clearly targeted at folks who love the challenge of outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, caving and hunting. The TacticalGearz flashlights can each be powered by one 18650 Lithium Ion battery or three AAA batteries. The flashlight pack includes two flashlights, AAA battery adapters, 18650 battery sleeves and lanyards. The flashlights come along with a handy a Molle Pack.

10. YiFeng 2 Pack LEDE Flashlight Pack









Here are two adjustable focus flashlights that would be ideal for the home in the event of a low light emergency. The YiFeng lights can be powered by one rechargeable 18650 battery or three AAA batteries. No batteries are included with this deal.

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