Panasonic Eneloop C Size Spacers: Accessories allow the use of AA batteries in C cell compartment

Panasonic Eneloop C Size Spacers

While you may be happily contented with the performance of the Eneloop rechargeable AA or AAA batteries in your flashlight, are you aware that there are also accessories available which would facilitate the use of the AA cells in other devices? The Eneloop C Size Spacer is a tough plastic device into which you insert a fully charged eneloop AA battery and screw on the bottom of the spacer. With the eneloop AA battery secured in the C Size Spacer you are now equipped with a virtual rechargeable C cell which you can use in place of C size batteries. The eneloop AA batteries are rechargeable up to 2100 times which translate into approximately a couple years of prolonged use. While there may not be that many C cell powered flashlights there are also D spacers available which can be used in the place of D size batteries.

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