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The GT Road LED adjustable flashlight kit includes one adjustable focus LED flashlight, 18650 battery and battery sleeve, 18650 battery charger, AAA battery holder, key fob and lanyard. The GT Road flashlight pack is tucked neatly inside a Black gift box that would make an excellent stocking stuffer this holiday season. The flashlight comes with all the accessories you need for an adequate emergency lighting tool.

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Flashlight Review 11-8-17

Hello and Happy Wednesday! Welcome and thanks for checking out the first edition of Flashlight Review for the month of November 2017. In today’s update of the most recent reviews of flashlights online, we have highlights of the Astrolux K1, BLF Q8, FiTorch P26R, Imalent DX80, Nitecore HC70 and Olight M2R Warrior flashlights. Enjoy!

Flashlight Review 11-8-17

The NewSight 2Pack LED adjustable focus flashlight set contains two flashlights with lanyards and two AAA battery holders. These flashlights could be repackaged as gifts either as a set or individually. It is essential to have more than one flashlight since a light should always be in your home and in your car or truck. You never know when a power outage or auto emergency will occur and having a light at hand adds to peace of mind. Whether you decide to keep the NewSight flashlights or give them away you will have to acquire batteries since none are included with the lights.

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Since our readers will no doubt have easy access to AAA batteries, we sometimes highlight flashlight packs which come without any batteries included.These flashlights are more often than not affordable (most folks can fork out ten bucks for a good light), very bright and can be used for several activities including home security, biking, camping, hiking and auto emergencies. The Yuosoar Y10 is one such light which would satisfactorily illuminate most low light environments but would nevertheless require that you acquire batteries independently of the purchase.

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Flashlight Review 10-27-17

Hello and Happy Friday! Welcome and thanks for stopping by at our website where we post information of interest especially to the first-time flashlight buyer. In our Flashlight Review updates, we post links to reviews of flashlights, batteries and battery chargers from the most recent posts online. In today’s update we have reviews of the Astrolux MF01, FiTorch P20R, Imalent DT70, NexTorch GL20, Olight M2R Warrior and the WowTac A1S BSS Tac V2. Enjoy!

Flashlight Review 10-27-17

Believe it or not folks, its that time of year when you begin to give some serious consideration as to the type of gift you are going to get for family, friends and yourself, of course! Since our site is dedicated to all thing flashlight, we decided to do the work for you and seek out the flashlight pack which would bring a pleasant smile to anyone on your list. Here are nine flashlight gift sets which are inclusive of flashlight, batteries and charger. No additional purchases would be required by the recipient. If you buy anything as result from clicking on any of the links we may get a small commission.

Flashlight Deals

The Klarus Mi1C is a bright mini LED flashlight which delivers the maximum output of 600 lumens and a beam throw distance of 40 meters. This compact EDC would be particularly attractive to the user who desires a feature-packed bright light in a mini package. The Mi1C features a magnetic tailcap which allows for the light to be attached to metal surfaces for hands-free lighting. The flashlight measures 54.5mm long with a head diameter of 19.8mm. The Mi1C weighs 27 grams without a battery installed.

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The Hictech LED adjustable focus 2 pack flashlight set contains two flashlights and two AAA battery holders. The flashlight set comes packed in a neat black box which would make a nice gift for that special someone during the upcoming holiday season. While the flashlight pack contains two very bright flashlights there are no batteries included. So to complete your gift set it would be nice to include some AAA batteries (NiMH/Alkaline) and/or a couple 18650 rechargeable batteries and charger.

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The Fenix TK75 2018 is a very powerful rechargeable flashlight which produces a maximum output of 5100 lumens and a beam throw distance of 850 meters. This flashlight would be an excellent lighting tool for first responders along with professionals in the military and law enforcement. The searchlight would also be very handy for outdoor use by cavers, hikers and hunters.

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The Victagen LED rechargeable flashlight is a powerful, compact LED flashlight which produces a maximum output of 1230 lumens and a beam throw distance of 500 meters. The flashlight can also serve as a powerbank to recharge your USB powered digital devices such the iPhone and Tablet. The Victagen would make an ideal EDC for the user on the hunt for a top quality light or it could serve as a useful gift item for that special someone with the holiday period just around the corner.

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