Nitecore NU05: Lightweight headlamp features white and red lights

The Nitecore NU05 Headlamp Mate is a lightweight rechargeable headlamp which features dual white and red lights that can be used as an emergency or backup light as well as a warning light. The NU05 can be attached to the velcro headband or the backside of helmets or backpacks to provide quality hands-free lighting. The red light flashing or blinking can be used at night to alert vehicles of your presence on the road. The white light would be a useful utility tool during low light conditions for DIY professionals, runners and walkers.

The Headlamp Mate is constructed from tough PC material and measures 1.19 inches by 1.16 inches. The NU05 weighs 10.4 grams. The light is powered by a built in rechargeable Lithium Ion battery which is recharged via a connection from the Micro-USB port on the NU05 to an external USB power supply. The Headlamp Mate utilizes four high performance LEDs which produce three red and two white light modes: Red Indicator (Slow blink) 20Hr: Red (Slow blink) 4 Lumens 9Hr; Red (Quick blink) 4 Lumens 8Hr; White (Slow blink) 35 Lumens 2Hr 15Min; White Light Illumination 35 Lumens 1Hr.

The Nitecore NU05 is operated by multifunctional power switch located in the center of the headlamp. Tap the switch once to turn on the light which activates the red indicator to blink slowly. After three seconds tap the switch to turn off the light and enter Standby mode. Within three seconds intervals, press the switch repeatedly to cycle through Red Indicator (slow blink) – Red Light (slow blink) – Red Light (quick blink) – White Light (slow blink) – White Light Illumination and Standby.

The NU05 features a red power indicator which alerts the user as to the remaining battery charge. The headlamp also features a lock/unlock function to prevent accidental activation of the light. When the NU05 is on, hold the switch for one second to initiate lockout mode. After lockout a red power indicator will blink once to notify the user. To unlock the headlamp hold the switch for three seconds after which the NU05 will unlock and then enter the Red Indicator (slow blink). The Nitecore NU05 headlamp comes with bike mounts, headlamp band and USB cable.

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