Nitecore MT20A: AA powered torch produces 360 lumens and 160 meter beam

The Nitecore MT20A (Multi-Task) flashlight is yet another quality option for the user desirous of a feature-packed light that can be powered by universally available AA batteries. The MT20A is powered by two AA (Alkaline/NIMH) batteries and produces both red and white light. The flashlight measures 156.9mm in length and weighs 75g without batteries. The MT20A is constructed from a piece of CNC machined aircraft-grade aluminum alloy which features an anti-roll design, knurling for a firm grip and a U-shaped tailcap for tail-stand capability. The flashlight also features a stainless steel, titanium coated, detachable pocket clip and a HAIII military-grade, hard-anodized, anti-abrasive finish.

The Nitecore MT20A uses a Cree XP-G2 R5 LED, an ultra-clear mineral glass with anti-reflective coating and PDOT (Precision Digital Optics Technology) optics for extreme reflector performance. The flashlight produces five brightness levels: Turbo 360 Lumens 1Hr 45Min; High 240 Lumens 2hr 15Min; Mid 120 Lumens 5Hr 45Min; Low 17 lumens 24Hr; Eco 1 Lumen 180Hr. The MT20A also utilizes a red LED which produces constant illumination which protects night-adapted human vision and flashing illumination which serves as a signal light. The flashlight also produces the concealed modes of Location Beacon, SOS and Strobe.

The MT20A is operated by a tactical forward-click switch in the tailcap which controls the momentary-on and constant-on operation. Step-up and Step-down side switches located on the head control the mode operation. Press the tailcap switch halfway down for momentary-on operation and all the way down for constant-on operation. With the MT20A switched on press the step-up switch repeatedly to cycle through the brightness levels in the following order; Red Beacon, Red Light, Eco, Low, Mid, High Turbo. When it is turned on the MT20A will enter the previously used brightness level.

With the MT20A on press the step-down switch repeatedly to level down its brightness until it reaches red beacon mode after which there is no cycling back to other brightness levels. When the MT20A is turned on press and hold the step-down switch for over one second to access red light mode. With the flashlight off press and hold the step-down and tailcap switches to access the red light. With the MT20A on press and hold the step-up switch for over one second to access Turbo. With the flashlight off press and hold the step-up switch and tailcap switch to access Turbo. The flashlight automatically lowers its output after three minutes in Turbo to prevent overheating.

With the light switched on press both side switches to activate Strobe. When in Strobe mode press both side switches again to cycle through Location Beacon,
SOS, and Strobe modes. To exit and resume the brightness level last used, simply press the step-up or step-down switch. When the flashlight is off press both side switches and the tailcap switch to activate the red power indicator to flash and indicate battery voltage. Three seconds after electrical voltage is reported, the MT20A enters standby mode where the indicator flashes once every three seconds. In standby mode, the MT20A will operate for approximately sixty days with the indicator on.

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