NiteCore CONCEPT 1: Mini LED flashlight delivers 1800 lumens and 220 meter beam

The NiteCore Concept 1 mini flashlight from NiteCore is truly an EDC lover’s delight in that it is compact and would fit comfortably in your pocket, and most importantly, the light is powerful enough to illuminate any outdoor task which may come your way. The flashlight produces a maximum output of 1800 lumens and a beam throw distance of 220 meters. The Concept 1 measures 4.39 inches long and has a head diameter of 0.96 inches. The flashlight weighs 2.18 ounces without any batteries installed.

The Concept 1 utilizes a Cree XHP35 HD E2 LED, NiteCore’s PDOT (Precision Digital Optics Technology) reflector system and an ultra-clear mineral glass with anti-reflective coating. The flashlight is housed inside an aerospace-grade aluminum casing which features knurling and an HAIII military grade hard-anodized finish. The Concept 1 also features a stainless steel pocket clip for convenience and a magnetic tail cap which allows to light to be attached to metal surfaces for hands-free lighting.

The NiteCore Concept 1 can be powered by one rechargeable IMR18650 (or 18650) Li-ion battery or two CR123 Lithium batteries. Reverse polarity protection guards against incorrectly inserted cells. The Concept 1 features ATR (Advanced Temperature Regulation) technology which triggers a downshift in output to avoid overheating on the surface of the light. When power is off, every time the battery is inserted, the LED will blink to indicate battery voltage (to the nearest ±0.1V).to the user.

The flashlight produces five brightness levels; Turbo 1800 Lumens 30Min IMR18650 Battery; High 810 Lumens 1Hr 30Min IMR18650 Battery – 1Hr 15Min CR123 Batteries; Mid 300 Lumens 4Hr IMR18650 Battery – 3Hr 30Min CR123 Batteries; Low 80 Lumens 15Hr IMR18650 Battery – 13Hr CR123 Batteries; Firefly 1 Lumen 300Hr IMR18650 Battery – 200Hr CR123 Batteries. Turbo output requires the use of rechargeable IMR18650 or 18650 Li-ion batteries with output current higher than 8A. The Concept 1 also produces the special modes of Strobe, SOS and Location Beacon. The flashlight memorises the brightness levels other than Strobe, SOS and Location Beacon.

The Concept 1 is operated by an outer metal switch located at the side of the head. When a rechargeable battery or CR123 batteries are loaded into the flashlight, the Concept 1 enters Standby mode. The flashlight has two operating modes, General Mode which offers direct access to the Turbo brightness from Standby and Tactical Mode which offers direct access to the Strobe from Standby. To switch between General and Tactical modes turn off the light, loosen the tailcap for half a turn and tighten the tail cap while pressing and holding down the side switch simultaneously. The flashlight will blink to indicate which mode has been selected. A single blink indicates General Mode and two blinks indicate Tactical Mode.

When the Concept 1 is in standby press and hold down the switch until the light is turned on. With the light turned on tap the switch quickly to activate Firefly. To access Turbo in General mode or Strobe in Tactical mode tap the switch three times in quick succession. When in the Strobe hold the switch for over one second to enter SOS. Release and hold the switch for over one second to access Location Beacon. You can access Turbo in any illumination mode by simply pressing and holding down the switch. When the light is in standby you can hold down the switch until the Concept 1 enters the memorized brightness level from last time or continue to hold down the switch to cycle through Firefly-Low-Mid-High-Turbo. The NiteCore Concept 1 flashlight pack includes a holster, lanyard and O-ring.


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