Jetbeam RRT1: Tactical LED flashlight delivers 950 lumens and 230 meter beam

The Jetbeam RRT1 is a tactical LED flashlight which delivers a maximum output of 950 lumens and a beam throw distance of 230 meters. This tough EDC flashlight is designed for outdoor use by the military, law enforcement, security and anyone desirous of owning a professional lighting tool. The RRT1 measures 134.3mm long and has a head diameter of 28.5mm. The flashlight weighs 98.8 grams without any batteries installed and 143.8 grams with an 18650 battery.

The Jetbeam RRT1 is constructed from an aerospace-grade aluminum which features an anti-roll design, knurling for a firm grip and a crenellated bezel for use in emergencies. The flashlight also features a Type III hard anodized anti-abrasive finish and a stainless steel pocket clip with a hole for lanyard attachment. The RRT1 utilizes a SST40 N4 BC LED emitter, a smooth aluminum alloy reflector and an ultra-clear, crystal-coated mineral glass lens.

The RRT1 can be powered by one rechargeable 18650 Lithium Ion battery or two CR123A Lithium batteries. The flashlight produces four light modes: High 950 Lumens 1Hr 30Min 18650 Batteries – 1Hr CR123A Batteries; Mid 180 Lumens 6Hr 30Min 18650 Batteries – 210 Lumens 5Hr CR123A Batteries; Low 9.6 Lumens 100Hr 18650 Batteries – 20 Lumens 50Hr CR123A Batteries; Strobe 950 Lumens 3Hr 18650 Batteries – 2Hr CR123A Batteries.

The Jetbeam RRT1 is operated by a 360 degree full angle tactical switch located in the tailcap. Press the switch until a click is heard to turn on/off the flashlight. With the RRT1 turned on, press the switch partway from a side angle to cycle through the High, Mid and Low brightness levels. The flashlight will turn on in the previously used light mode. With the flashlight turned off, press the switch from any side angle for the momentary-on operation of the Strobe mode. Press the switch for 0.5 seconds for the constant-on operation of Strobe. The Jetbeam RRT1 flashlight pack comes with a holster.

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