Flashlight Reviews Update 11-09-2014 Orca Torch WR10, Lumintop HL01, Lucky Sun Mini20

Eagletac MX25L4 Turbo

Hello and Happy Sunday to you! Welcome to the weekend edition of Flashlight Reviews here at FlashlightPacks.com where we list the most recent reviews of flashlights and other lighting instruments. In our last Reviews post we touched on the issue of coping with low light conditions and we return to that topic today. Of course you should be armed with your flashlight any time you are moving from a lighted area to one of complete darkness. However, just before you leave the lighted zone you should close your eyes for a few seconds before walking into the dark to allow your eyes time to accommodate the change. Here is today’s list of reviews. Enjoy!

Diamond Ion LED Headlamp – Review – Rugged Innovations – Headlamp

OxyLED Cree 500 Lumen Bright LED Flashlight – Review – Mighty Ink Comics – Flashlight

Petzl NAO 2 575 Lumen Head Torch – Review – Outdoor Kinetics – Headlamp

Silva Trail Speed Elite – Review – Grinding Gears

Budget Light Forum

Azpheric 74mm Extreme Zoomie – Review

Basen 18490 1100mAh BS186H (Black) – Review

HM Q5 LED Flashlight – Review

Lucky Sun Mini20 – Review

Lumintop SD20 XM-L2 – Review

POWERTAC X3000 RGBW High Performance Flashlight – Review

Candle Power Forums

Eagletac MX25L4 Turbo – ReviewFlashlight

Lumintop HL01 – Review

Nitecore EC20 – ReviewFlashlight

Olight S10R – ReviewFlashlight

Olight S15R Baton – Review Flashlight

Olight S20R Baton – Review Flashlight

POWERTAC X3000 RGBW High Performance Flashlight – Review


Airsoft VFC V3X Tactical Flashlight – Review

Auto Guardian Flashlight – ReviewFlashlight

Coleman CT 50 – Review

Klarus XT12 – Review Flashlight

LE Adjustable Focus CREE LED Flashlight – ReviewFlashlight

Olight S10 XML2 A Baton – ReviewFlashlight

Orca Torch WR10 Flashlight – Review

Streamlight Double Clutch Headlamp – ReviewHeadlamp

ThruNite T10 – Review

ThruNite T20S – ReviewFlashlight

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