Flashlight Review 8-3-17

Hello and Welcome to the first edition of Flashlight Review for the month of August 2017. Believe it or not we are heading full steam ahead towards the holiday period at the end of the year. It may just be the right time to consider which flashlight you intend to purchase for yourself or that special someone. You can get a head start by checking out our lists of flashlight reviews for written and video presentations on the many lights available. Here is today’s list of reviews. Enjoy!

Flashlight Review 8-3-17

autoXscape Vehicle-mounted Lifesaving Flashlight Review – Tom Shewbridge – Flashlight

FOURSEVENS Preon P1 Copper Limited Edition Review – Subwoofer (Tactical Reviews)

Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Tool Pack Review – BIGadmin (Outdoor Satisfaction) – Flashlight

J5 Tactical Flashlight Review – Jesse Mathewson – Flashlight (TheSurvivalistBlog) – Flashlight

Nitecore SRT9 Flashlight Review – Kirk (civilgear Reviews) – Flashlight

Survival Hax Tactical Flashlight Review – Smythe Richbourg (The Gadgeteer) – Flashlight

Zebralight SC5c mk II Review – EDC Jay (EDC Finds)


DQG Tiny AA Brass Version Review – Bc412

Efest IMR18500 1000mAh (Purple) 2017 Review – HKJ

Efest LUC V4 Charger 2017 Review – HKJ

Fenix CL09 Review – Narmattaru – Flashlight

GP AA ReCyko+ Pro 2000mAh (Black) Review – HKJ

Haikelite SC01 Review – rizky_p

Jetbeam T4 PRO Review – Kittituchp – Flashlight

KDLITKER C8.2 Review – giorgoskok – Flashlight

Lumintop Ant Review – Narmattaru

Nitecore SRT9 Review – CivilGearReviews – Flashlight

Nitecore SRT9 Review – liquidretro – Flashlight

NITECORE SRT9 Review – Terry White – Flashlight

NITECORE SRT9 Review – UPz – Flashlight

Olight H2R Nova Review – Virisenox_ – Headlamp

Olight I3S Cu Review – Coppet – Flashlight

Olight PL-2 Valkyrie Review – viperxp – Flashlight

Skilhunt S2 pro Review – Narmattaru – Flashlight

Sofirn SF22 Review – DB Custom – Flashlight

Sofirn SP31 Review – Rolz – Flashlight

Thorfire TK15 & VG10S Review – alphazeta

XTAR WK007 Review – stephenk

Zanflare F2 Review – WestBam – Flashlight

Candle Power Forums

Nitecore SRT7GT Review – kj75 – Flashlight

Thrunite TN40 Review – selfbuilt – Flashlight


Acebeam L16 Review – Zak – Flashlight

Armytek Wizard Pro USB Review – Zak – Headlamp

Blitzwolf BW-ET1 Review – Liquidretro

Imalent DT70 Review – zeroair – Flashlight

Olight H2R Review – Zak – Headlamp

Olight H2R Nova Review – Virisenox_ – Headlamp

Nitecore MT22A Review – zeroair – Flashlight

Zanflare C4 Review – A-MAC-EDC


Acebeam X80 Review – PrecisionGroupYT

Bushnell Pro 1300 Rechargeable Flashlight Review – Peter L

BlitzWolf IPX8 Review – Joe Barber

Coast G20 Review – George RR – Flashlight

Fenix FD 30 Review – rian ritzen

Haikelite MT02 Review – Charles BridgTec

Haikelite SC02 Review – Charles BridgTec

JETBEAM E10R Review – flloriangerard – Flashlight

NexTorch GL20 Review – Chiinnature

NexTorch GL20 Review – Chiinnature

Nitecore Concept 1 Review – Charles BridgTec – Flashlight

Olight H2R NOVA Review – Peter von Panda – Headlamp

Olight PL-2 Valkyrie Review – Peter von Panda – Weapon Light

On the Road U16 USB Rechargeable Flashlight Review – Lightsngear

Thrunite Archer 2A V3 Review – K Reese – Flashlight

Zanflare F1 Review – flloriangerard – Flashlight


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