Flashlight Review 6-8-17

Hello and Happy Thursday! Thanks for stopping by at our Flashlight Reviews roundup here at FlashlightPacks.com. In this first edition for the month of June we have reviews of the Armytek Prime C2 Pro, Fenix LD12 (2017 edition), Klein Inspection Penlight with Laser, 1Tac TC1200, Xtar Venus and Wuben T102 flashlights. Enjoy!

Flashlight Review 6-8-17

Fenix TK47 Review – candle lamp (Candle Power Forums) – Flashlight

Klein Inspection Penlight with Laser Review – Kenny Koehler (ProTool Reviews)


Astrolux K01 Copper Review – RobertB

Astrolux S41 Review – aremihc – Flashlight

Fenix ARE-X1+ Review – HKJ – Charger

Fenix HL26R Review – Narmattaru – Headlamp

Fenix LD12 (2017 edition) Review – WalkIntoTheLight – Flashlight

Helius Sigma IX Micro keychain Flashlight Review – everydaysurvivalgear

Manker MK35 XHP35 HI Review – Maiden666 – Flashlight

Revtronic BT40S Review – Anthon – Bike Light

Sanyo NCR20650A 3100mAh (Red) Review – HKJ

Teekland Glare Headlight 1825 Review – Chicken Drumstick

Tronic AA 2300mAh (Silver-Black) Review – HKJ

TrustFire TF18350 1200mAh (Black-red-gold) Review – HKJ

Wuben T102 Review – M4D M4X – Flashlight

Wuben TP10L Review – mattlward


Armytek Prime C2 Pro Review – maukka

Fenix LD12, 2017 Review – WalkIntoTheLite – Flashlight

Revtronic BT40S Review – kaybi_ – Bike Light

Rofis TR10 Review – zeroair – Flashlight


CooYoo Quantum AL Flashlight Review – Nash Rathbone – Flashlight

Fenix LD12 (2017 edition) Flashlight Review – Walk Into The Light – Flashlight

Haikelite MT01 Trekker Flashlight Review – Charles BridgTec – Flashlight

Imalent DM21T Review – Peter von Panda – Flashlight

Imalent DN35 Review – WeAllJuggleKnives – Flashlight

Jaxman E2L Review – survivalistboards – Flashlight

Klarus G35 Flashlight Review – Gear Nut – Flashlight

Olight i3E EOS Keychain Flashlight Review – Irish Zombie Nation – Flashlight

Olight H2R Nova Review – Mr Baz Reviews – Headlamp

1Tac TC1200 Tactical Flashlight Review – Pet products – Flashlight

Sunlite LED Flashlight Review – Angel Sincere – Flashlight

Surefire E2D LED Defender Ultra Review – Weekly Reviews – Flashlight

Thorfire PF04 & PF01S Review – Simple Little Life

Thorfire TG06S Review – Lightsngear – Flashlight

Thrunite Neutron 2C v3 Review – Advanced Knife Bro – Flashlight

ThruNite Neutron 2C V3 Review – The Daily Shooter – Flashlight

Xtar Venus Flashlight Review – EDC Gear Reviews

Zanflare F6 Flashlight Review – Nash Rathbone – Flashlight


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