Flashlight Review 6-18-17

Happy Sunday and thanks as always for checking out our Flashlight Review lists here at FlashlightPacks.com. Please continue to enjoy what’s left of the weekend. In today’s roundup of flashlight reviews from around the Web we have reviews of the Fenix 3500U, Lumizoom LZ250g, Olight H2R Nova, UltraTac A5, WOWTAC A2, Zanflare F1 and several other flashlights. Enjoy!

Flashlight Review 6-18-17

ThorFire C8S Review – fieldjournalsblog – Flashlight

ThruNite TN12 XP-L Review – Mens Gear – Flashlight


Fenix FD20 Review – UPz – Flashlight

Fenix TK25 R&B Review – zak.wilson – Flashlight

JetBeam EC R26 Review – Rolz – Flashlight

Ladda AA 1000mAh (Brown) Review – HKJ – Batteries

Lumintop Elfin Review – Narmattaru – Flashlight

Maxtoch Shooter 2X Review – robo819

Monoprice “Pure Outdoor Select Series Headlamp” Review – Tilion – Headlamp

Olight H2R Review – Bc412 – Headlamp

Olight H2R Review – maukka – Headlamp

Olight H2R Nova Review – viperxp – Headlamp

Olight H2R Nova Headlamp Review – robo819 – Flashlight

Olight H2R NW and CW Review – Budda

Quick review of some AA/14500 & AAA/10440 flashlights – wkhchin81

Teekland Flashlights Review – giorgoskok

Thorfire TG06s ReviewFlashlight

Vappower IMR26650 5000mAh (Green) Review – HKJ

Varta LCD 57070/57170 Review – HKJ

Zanflare F1 Review – old4570 – Flashlight

Candle Power Forums

FENIX FD20 Review – _UPz – Flashlight

Fenix TK25IR Review – kj75 – Flashlight

UltraTac A5 Review – _UPz – Flashlight


Fenix TK25 R&B Review – ZaK – Flashlight

Fenix 3500U Review – Zak – Batteries

Nitecore SRT7GT Review – zeroair – Flashlight

Olight H2R Nova Review – maukka – Headlamp

Olight H2R Nova Review – miatatony – Headlamp

ZebraLight H53c Review – likethevegetable – Headlamp


Black Shadow Queen Flashlight Review – Charles BridgTec

Fenix TK25 R&B Review – CivilGear – Flashlight

Imalent DN70 Review – Виталий – Flashlight

Helius Sigma IX Micro keychain Review – everyday survival gear

Lumizoom LZ250g Review – Lumizoom – Flashlight

LTE Tactical LED Flashlight ReviewFlashlight

Nitecore HC30 vs Imalent HR20 – outer limitless

Nitecore R40 Review – Advanced Knife Bro – Flashlight

Olight H2R Review – Digimorphosis – Headlamp

Orcatorch T30 Review – Peter von Panda – Flashlight

Solaray Mini-PRO Review – Mr Everything

Thorfire C8S Review – survivalistboards – Flashlight

WOWTAC A2 Review – eter von Panda – Headlamp

Wuben Rechargeable EDC Flashlight Review – Survivalkraft – Flashlight


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