Flashlight Review 5-20-17

Hello and Happy Saturday! Welcome and thanks for checking out our regular updates of Flashlight Reviews from recent Web posts. Among today’s listings we have reviews of the Astrolux K01 CU, Jaxman E2, LuxPower Tactical V300, Manker MK35, Thorfire TK12 and WarfareFire TG90 flashlights. Enjoy!

Flashlight Review 5-20-17

Bulldog Combination Flashlight Review – Salty

Eastshine T25 Review – TacBright – Flashlight

E.LUMEN solar LED Flashlight Review -Derek Markham (TreeHugger)

LuxPower Tactical V300 LED Flashlight Review – TactBright – Flashlight


Arcas AA 2700mAh (Silver-red) Review – HKJ

Astrolux K01 CU Review – liquidretro

Convoy X3 XP-L High Review – Terry White – Flashlight

EnerPower VC+ 18650 3450mAh (Purple) Review – HKJ

Imalent DN35 Review – Narmattaru – Flashlight

JETBeam E10R Review – Enelooper – Flashlight

Klarus K1 Smart Charger Review – HKJ – Charger

Manker E14 II Review – robo819

Nitenumen TA01 Review – Bc412

Sofirn 18650 Flashlight Global Review – Tracy Wan—Sofirn

TangsFire TS18350 1200mAh (Gray) Review – HKJ

Thorfire TG06S Review – DavidEF – Flashlight

Thorfire TK4A Review – SoCalTiger – Flashlight

Thorfire TK12 Review – gangstead – Flashlight

UltraTac K18 v2017 Review – UPz – Flashlight

Candle Power Forums

ThorFire TG06S Review – Bdm82 – Flashlight

Thorfire TK4A Review – SoCalTiger – Flashlight


Armytek 3400 mAh protected 18650 and Ultrafire WF-139 charger Review – Zak

Thorfire TK12 Review – gangstead – Flashlight


Aim Sports 180 Lumen Flashlight w/ 45 Degree Offset Mount Review – ANSgearPaintball

Amir Rechargeable Bike Light Review – Gauging Gadgets

Anker LC40 Review – Snake Plissken – Flashlight

Astrolux K01 CU Review – Jon M

Jaxman E2 Review – survivalistboards – Flashlight

JetBeam E10R Review – Vimal Chintapatla – Flashlight

JetBeam T6 Review – Charles BridgTec – Flashlight

Klarus G35 Review – Gear Nut – Flashlight

LIUMY 2960 Lumens Ultra Bright LED Flashlight LT-300 Review – AwkwardHamster – Flashlight

Manker E14 II Review – David Moore

Manker MK35 Review – Advanced Knife Bro – Flashlight

MecArmy X4S Review – Charles BridgTec – Flashlight

SOLARAY PRO ZX-1 Review – Zona’s Favorite Things – Flashlight

Stryker Tactical 2200 Lumen Flashlight Review – Stryker Tactical

Thrunite T10 Review – H.I.S Survival – Flashlight

WarfareFire TG90 Review – Peter von Panda – Flashlight


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