Flashlight Review 4-29-17

Happy Weekend folks! Welcome and thanks for checking out our compilation of flashlight reviews from recent online posts. Flashlight Tip: Unscrew the tailcap of your flashlight enough to break the electrical circuit to prevent accidental activation of the light when not in use. It can be pretty disconcerting to realise your batteries are drained just when you require illumination

Flashlight Review 4-29-17

BRGadgets Flashlights Review – Gayne C. Young (Scout.com)

Jetbeam E10R Review – BR Wilkie (LightsNGear) – Flashlight

Thorfire TG06S Review – SoCalTiger (Candle Power Forums) – Flashlight

Budget Light Forum

Elfeland 912 T6 Review – chrisc

Lumintop SD26 Review – lumenzilla – Flashlight

MiBoxer C2-3000 Review – everydaysurvivalgear

MiBoxer C2-3000 Review – RobertB

Nitecore MT06MD Penlight Review – CivilGearReviews – Flashlight

OrcaTorch D520 Review – Mark Pilzer – Flashlight

Panasonic BQ-CC57 Review – HKJ

ThorFire TG06S Review – Jerommel – Flashlight

Thorfire TG06S Review – SoCalTiger – Flashlight

Thorfire TK4A Review – robo819 – Flashlight

Zanflare F1 Neutral White Review – RobertB – Flashlight


Convoy L2 Review – zeroair

Zanflare F1 XP-L Review – CaptRon25 – Flashlight


AceBeam X45 Review – Charles BridgTec – Flashlight

Atactical A1 Review – EDC Gear Reviews – Flashlight

Bushnell T300L HD Review – 300bhpton – Flashlight

Convoy C8 Review – Advanced Knife Bro – Flashlight

Crelant V4A Review – Charles BridgTec

DQG Tiny AA Flashlights Review – WeAllJuggleKnives

Jetbeam Jet- E10R Review – Lightsngear – Flashlight

Jetbeam Jet-II MK Review – Bushcraft412 – Flashlight

JetBeam SF-R26 Review – LDSreliance – Flashlight

Olight i3E EOS Review – Mr Baz Reviews – Flashlight

Olight SRMINI Intimidator II Review – Charles BridgTec – Flashlight

Nitecore TM06S Review – Jon M – Flashlight

Nitecore TM06S Review – Sirio Sechi – Flashlight

OTYTY T6 Review – AwkwardHamster – Flashlight

Thorfire PF04 Review – Daniel Sparks – Flashlight

Thorfire TK4A Review – David Moore – Flashlight


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