Flashlight Review 12-20-17

Happy Wednesday and Welcome to the December 20th edition of Flashlight Review here at FlashlightPacks.com. By now you are sure to have collected your gifts and would only waiting for the opportune time to surprise those special persons with your selections. There is still ample time however for last minute shopping to acquire your desired items before the holiday period is over. Here is the today’s update of the most recent online flashlight reviews. Enjoy!

Flashlight Review 12-20-17

Acebeam L30 Review – Lindsey Bertomen (Officer.com) – Flashlight

Verilux Solar Rechargeable Flashlight Review – Scott Thompson (PennEnergy)


ArmyTek Elf C1 Multi-Flashlight Review – everydaysurvivalgear – Flashlight

Astrolux Ti3A Review – Lexel

enelong AAA 900mAh (White-orange) Review – HKJ

Fitorch ER16 Review – viperxp

Imalent DX80 Review – Narmattaru – Flashlight

Keeppower 18350 1200mAh P1835C2 (Black) 2017 Review – HKJ – Batteries

Miboxer C4-12 Review – bilakos10 – Charger

Miboxer C4-12 Review – HKJ – Charger

Nitecore HA40 Review – CivilGearReviews – Headlamp

Nitecore Tini Review – liquidretro – Flashlight

Olight S1 Mini Baton Review – liquidretro – Flashlight

Olight S1 Mini Review – mattlward – Flashlight

Rofis R1 Review – viperxp – Flashlight

Vapcell INR21700 3100mAh (Purple) Review – HKJ

XTAR Over 4 Slim Review – rizky_p

Wuben LT35 Review – Tahts-a-dats-ago – Flashlight

Candle Power Forums

Fitorch P30R Review – viperxp

Light Review: Nextorch GLO-TOOB, GT-AAA, GT-AAA Pro and GT-LITHIUM Review – subwoofer


Astrolux C8 Review – WalkIntoTheLite


Amutorch AM30 Review – WeAllJuggleKnives

Armytek Partner C1 Review – WeAllJuggleKnives

Blitzwolf BW-ET1 Review – X4CTO

Fenix TK75 2018 Edition Review – OutdoorsIQ – Flashlight

Goal Zero Torch 250 Review – biblesnbarbells – Flashlight

IMALENT DN35 Review – Jobathano – Flashlight

1TAC Flashlight Review – GT Tactical (Tactical-Reviews.com) – Flashlight

Klarus ST10 Review – Gear Nut – Flashlight

Kuwan Mini LED Flashlight Review – Charles BridgTec – Flashlight

Lumintop Prince Mini Review – Knife Monkey – Flashlight

Nitecore P16 TAC Review – 180 Second Ideas – Flashlight

OLIGHT S1 MINI BATON Review – Donny Pavolini Outdoors – Flashlight

Olight S1 Mini Baton Review – DropForgedSurvival – Flashlight

OLight S1 Mini Baton Review – SkinnyMedic – Flashlight

Reylight Mini Copper Review – Charles BridgTec – Flashlight

Sofirn SF36 Review – Zona’s Favorite Things – Flashlight

ThorFire VG 15S Review – Fat Man Outdoors – Flashlight

ThorFire VG10s Review – everyday survival gear – Flashlight

Thrunite TN36 Review – Aquachigger

Wowtac Black Scout Survival A1S Review – WeAllJuggleKnives – Flashlight

ZeroAir Reviews

Lumintop Ant Brass ReviewFlashlight

Lumintop SD75 ReviewFlashlight

Olight S1 Mini ReviewFlashlight

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