Flashlight Review 11-8-17

Hello and Happy Wednesday! Welcome and thanks for checking out the first edition of Flashlight Review for the month of November 2017. In today’s update of the most recent reviews of flashlights online, we have highlights of the Astrolux K1, BLF Q8, FiTorch P26R, Imalent DX80, Nitecore HC70 and Olight M2R Warrior flashlights. Enjoy!

Flashlight Review 11-8-17

Convoy S2+ Review – Joe Khiu

Fenix TK25 R&B Review – subwoofer (Candle Power Forums) – Flashlight

Fenix UC35 Review – TechDissected – Flashlight

ReyLight Lan Ti, CaptRon25 Special, Flashlight Review – zeroair (Zeroair Reviews)

Sofirn C8F Review – zeroair (Zeroair Reviews) – Flashlight


Astrolux K1 keychain flashlight Review – Lexel

Convoy S2+ Review – everydaysurvivalgear – Flashlight

Convoy S2+ Desert Tan Review – stephenk – Flashlight

Enercig 20700 4000mAh EC-27B (Red) Review – HKJ

FiTORCH P26R Review – Tahts-a-dats-ago

Klarus Mi7 Ti Review – bilakos10 – Flashlight

Lumintop SD Mini II XPL Review – rizky_p – Flashlight

MiBoxer C4-12 4 slot Charger Review – Lexel – Charger

Nitecore HC70 Headlamp Review – roma58 – Headlamp

Nitecore HC33 Headlamp Review – CivilGearReviews – Headlamp

Nitecore IMR18490 1100mAh (Black-Yellow) Review – HKJ

Nitecore TIP Review – Neil_Tennen – Flashlight

Nitecore Tube Review – bilakos10 – Flashlight

SODA Dual Battery Charger 2017 Review – HKJ

Sofirn AA 2600mAh (Black-Blue) Review – HKJ

Taotronics ThorLite TT-TF03 Review – JohnnyMac


BLF Q8 Video + Written – Liquidretro

BLF Q8 Review – zeroair

Nitecore TIP SS Tropical Keychain Flashlight Review – zeroair – Flashlight

Zanflare F1 Review – ARKnife – Flashlight


AstroLux S42S Review – Charles BridgTec

ATactical A1 Review – Fat Man Outdoors – Flashlight

BLF Q8 Flashlight Review – Advanced Knife Bro

BLF Q8 Flashlight Review – Walk Into The Light

Fenix TK25 R&B Review – WeAllJuggleKnives – Flashlight

Fenix TK25 R&B (Blue/Red) Flashlight Review – TheOutdoorGearReview – Flashlight

Haikelite SC01 Review – Chiinnature

Haikelite SC02 Review – Chiinnature

Imalent DX80 Review – scannerguy1968 – Flashlight

Jetbeam E40R Review – Lightsngear – Flashlight

Jetbeam T6 Review – Chiinnature – Flashlight

Lumintop Prince Brass Flashlight Review – Charles BridgTec – Flashlight

Olight M2R Warrior Review – Dirt Road Gun Show – Flashlight

Olight M2R Warrior Review – EverydayTacticalVids – Flashlight

Wowtac A1S BlackScoutSurvival BSS TAC V2 Review – Peter von Panda – Flashlight

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