Flashlight Pack Of The Day: Pocketman Mini Flashlight Six Pack

Pocketman Mini Flashlight Six Pack

Today we have a six pack of mini LED flashlights which could be separated and gifted to friends or relatives, or simply kept for personal use and placed at strategic points around the home and shop ensuring emergency light would always be close at hand. The Pocketman mini flashlight measures 9.4cm long and 2.6cm wide. The flashlight weighs 65 grams without a battery installed. The flashlight is constructed of an aerospace-grade aluminum alloy which features a crenellated bezel for use in emergencies, a secured pocket clip for easy carry and a hard anodized, anti-abrasive, black finish.

The Pocketman flashlight utilizes a Cree Q5 LED emitter, a metal reflector and a convex, mineral glass lens. The mini light produces a maximum output of 300 lumens and three light modes; High, Low and Strobe. The flashlight can be powered by one AA (NiMH/Alkaline) battery or one rechargeable 14500 3.6v Li-ion battery. Batteries are not included with the purchase. The light is operated by a multifunctional switch located in the tailcap. Press the switch until a click is heard to turn on/off the the light. With the flashlight turned on, press the switch part way down to access the brightness levels. The Pocketman flashlight also features an adjustable focus which allows the user to manipulate the light beam from a spot to flood light by simply sliding the head out and in.

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