Flashlight Pack Of The Day: NIANPU 5 Pack LED Adjustable Focus Flashlights

Today’s Flashlight Pack Of The Day: NIANPU 5 Pack LED Adjustable Focus Flashlights is definitely for the user who desires a bright but small or mini flashlight. The NIANPU is an easy-to-operate zoomable flashlight which could be tucked away in your toolkit or attached to your belt or pocket.The flashlight pack contains five lights which would allow a user to keep one as an EDC and store the others in the home, car, shop and toolbox. The NIANPU produces a maximum output of 300 lumens and could be used while biking, camping, hiking and walking the dog.

The NIANPU measures 3.69 inches long when compact and 4 inches when fully extended to facilitate the zoom feature. The flashlight weighs 0.32 ounces without a battery installed. The NIANPU is constructed from an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy which features knurling and a crenulated bezel. The flashlight also features a pocket clip and an anodized, anti-abrasive finish.

The flashlight utilizes a Cree Q5 LED emitter, a metal reflector and an ultra-clear convex glass lens. The NIANPU can be powered by one AA (NiMH/Alkaline) battery or one 14500 Lithium Ion rechargeable battery. A charger would be required for use with the 14500 battery. Since no batteries are included with the purchase you could decide whether to go with the rechargeable or non-rechargeable power option.

The NIANPU produces the three light modes High, Low and Strobe. The flashlight is operated by a bright Orange rubber switch in the tailcap and the zoom function in the head. Press the switch until a click is heard to turn on/off the flashlight. Press the switch partway down to cycle through the light modes. With the flashlight turned on, slide the head forward to zoom-out the flashlight beam to a spotlight. With the light turned on, slide the head in to zoom-in the flashlight beam to a broad floodlight.

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