Flashlight Of The Day: Jakemy LED Mini Flashlight and Lantern

The Jakemy PJ-7004 is a portable 2-in-1 multi-LED flashlight lantern. The light measures 3.7 inches long when compact and 5.3 inches when stretched to operate as a lantern. The flashlight-lantern weighs six ounces without any batteries installed. The Jakemy produces a maximum output of 90 lumens which can be delivered in a 360-degree omnidirectional light when used as a lantern. The PJ-7004 produces white and red light and can be used as a flashlight or a hands-free lighting source while out camping, hiking or on those several DIY projects around the home or shop.

The PJ-7004 is constructed from tough plastic materials and comes in Green and Black. The flashlight-lantern features a magnetic bottom and a stainless steel ring which facilitates multiple attachment options for hands-free lighting. The Jakemy PJ-7004 is powered by four AA (NiMH/Alkaline) batteries. Batteries are however not included in the package. Should you decide to purchase rechargeable cells an appropriate charger will also be required.

The Jakemy PJ-7004 produces three white light modes (High, Mid, Strobe) and two red light modes (Red Constant-on Red Flash). The flashlight-lantern is operated by a green rubbed switch located at the base of the device. Press the switch once to turn on the light which comes in High by default. Press the switch twice to activate the Low mode and three times for Strobe. Press the switch once while in any mode to turn off the PJ-7004. Press the switch twice in quick succession to turn on the Red constant-on. With the red light turned on, press the switch to activate the Red Flash.

The Jakemy LED mini flashlight and lantern would be a very useful lighting tool to have while out camping or hiking. The red light would be easy on the eyes and the red flash could serve as a useful signal light. At home the Jakemy would be extremely handy to have around in case of a power outage or simply to use to illuminate close-up tasks.

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