Flashlight Of The Day: Akale USB Rechargeable Flashlight

So you want a complete portable lighting solution that will not impact too heavily on your pocket. The Akale USB rechargeable flashlight pack may be just thing you are searching for since you get a bright, compact flashlight and rechargeable 18650 2800mAh battery which is recharged inside the flashlight with the included Micro USB cable. There is no need for any additional purchases (No AA or AAA required) since the flashlight can be recharged via a connection to your computer’s USB port or any other external USB power source.

The Akale flashlight measures 5.9 inches long with a diameter of 1.2 Inches. The light weighs 115 grams without the battery installed. The flashlight is constructed from an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy which features knurling for a firm grip, a pocket clip for convenience and a crenellated tailcap which can be used in emergencies such as breaking glass obstructions. The Akale also features a hard anodized, anti-abrasive Black finish.

The Akale USB rechargeable flashlight utilizes a Cree XML U2 LED emitter, a metal reflector and an ultra-clear mineral glass lens. The flashlight produces a maximum output of 500 lumens, a beam throw distance of 200 meters and four light modes: High; Mid; Low; SOS. An 1A adaptor can be purchased to recharge the light directly from the mains supply otherwise you can recharge the battery in four hours from any USB power supply.

The flashlight is operated by a side switch located just below the head. Press the switch to turn on the light which comes on in High by default. Press the switch twice to access the Mid brightness level and three times to activate Low. To turn off the Akale you have to cycle through the three brightness levels and then press the switch again. To avoid having to cycle through the modes you can simply click any mode for more than three seconds and then click the switch for the light to go off. Press the switch for a few seconds to turn on SOS. While in SOS click the switch once to turn off the light.

The Akale flashlight has a LED indicator beneath the switch which flashes red when the battery needs charging and green when it is fully charged. The Akale USB rechargeable flashlight is a very useful lighting tool which would be of great value for a variety of tasks for both indoors and outdoors during low light conditions.


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