Flashlight Battery Pack Of The Day: Surefire 12 Pack Boxed 123A Lithium Batteries

Surefire 12 Pack Boxed 123A Lithium Batteries

So you have come into possession of a flashlight that can be powered by CR123A batteries but you have been unable to acquire a pack from your nearby convenience store. You are not alone. For many flashlight owners the reality is that they will have to buy their lithium batteries online. Of course you are looking for the best product available and whether in flashlights, batteries and other equipment the SureFire brand stands tall as their high quality has been consistent over the years. The SureFire lithium batteries (12)pack comes with a ten-year shelf life which may not mean very much if you are a heavy flashlight user since these are not rechargeable batteries. The batteries have a wide temperature tolerance and feature built-in heat and fault (short-circuit) protection.

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