Fenix CL20R: Rechargeable camping lantern delivers white and red light

The Fenix CL20R is a rechargeable camping lantern which produces white and red light along with a maximum output of 300 lumens. The red light protects night vision while the red flashling light can be used as a beacon. The CL20R measures 72mm long, 41.5mm wide and 50mm in height. The lantern weighs 91 grams. The CL20R is constructed primarily of a tough transparent plastic material and comes in soft blue and orange hues. The lantern features a magnetic bottom and stainless steel hanging loop which allows for the light to be used for hands-free lighting.

The CL20R utilizes sixteen neutral white LED’s and two red LED’s which deliver a smooth beam through a spherical luminous body providing 360 degree illumination.The lantern is powered b a built-in 1600mAh Li-polymer battery which is recharged via a connection from the Micro-USB port in the side of the light to an external USB power supply. Digitally regulated output maintains constant brightness.

The Fenix CL20R produces four white light modes: Turbo 300 Lumens 6Hr; High 130 Lumens 12Hr; Mid 40 lumens 20Hr; low 1 Lumen 200Hr. The lantern also produces two red light modes: Constant on 1.5 Lumens 100Hr; Flash 1.5 Lumens. The CL20R is operated by an electronic switch at the side of the light. Press and hold the switch for 0.5 seconds to turn on/off the lantern. With the light turned on, click the switch to cycvle through the brightness levels in the following order; Low, Mid, High and Turbo. With the CL20R turned on, double-click the switch to activate or exit the red light. While in the constant-on red light click the switch to enter the red flash.

The CL20R features a battery level indicator inside the switch which informs the user as to the status of the battery. The indicator light shines either a solid green or green flashes to indicate power levels above fifty percent. When the indicator light alternates between red and green flashes or simply shines red flashes the battery may need to be recharged. The indicator light will flash red when the lantern is charging and display a solid green when fully charged.


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