Fenix CL09: Compact camping lantern delivers white, red and green light

The CL09 from Fenix is a compact, cold-resistant camping lantern which produces a neutral white light and red and green lights. The neutral white light is easier on the eyes and illuminates objects as they would be seen in daylight. The red and green lights protect your night vision. Additionally, the green light can serve as a beacon light and the red flashing light as a signal light. The CL09 when powered by a CR123A Lithium battery can operate in temperatures down to -40 degree Centigrade.

The Fenix CL09 measures 78.5mm long and 22mm in diameter. The lantern weighs 31.5 grams without a battery inserted or other accessories attached. The lantern is constructed from an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy and optical grade PC materials. The CL09 features a spherical luminous body for 360 degree illumination and a Type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish on the metal housing. The lantern’s tail also features a magnet and a hanging loop for hands-free lighting.

The CL09 can be powered by one ARB-L16-700U, 16340 or CR123A battery. One rechargeable ARB-L16-700U Lithium Ion battery is included with the lantern. The battery can be recharged via connection from its own built-in Micro USB port to an external USB power supply. Reverse polarity protection guards against incorrect insertion of cells.

The lantern produces a maximum output of 200 lumens, a beam throw distance of 10 meters and seven light modes: Turbo 200 Lumens 2Hr 40Min ARB-L16-700U Battery – 6Hr CR123A Battery; High 80 Lumens 5Hr 40Min ARB-L16-700U Battery – 19Hr CR123A Battery; Mid 30 Lumens 19Hr 20Min ARB-L16-700U Battery – 36Hr CR123A Battery; Low 1 Lumen 90Hr ARB-L16-700U Battery – 150Hr CR123A Battery; Red 5 Lumens 30Hr ARB-L16-700U Battery – 48Hr CR123A Battery; Red Flash 5 Lumens; Green 5 Lumens 48Hr ARB-L16-700U Battery – 76Hr CR123A Battery.

The Fenix CL09 is operated by twisting the base of the lantern. Twist the base to turn on the lantern in Low mode of one lumen. To turn off the lantern turn the base in the opposite direction. With the CL09 turned on, quickly loosen and tighten the base repeatedly to cycle through the various light modes. The Fenix CL09 is a handy emergency lighting tool which would be useful for camping, hiking and reading.

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