Fenix BT30R: Compact rechargeable bike light produces 1800 lumens and 170 meter beam

Fenix BT30R

The Fenix BT30R is powerful compact bike light which produces a maximum output of 1800 lumens and features the company’s Dual Distance Beam System to assist with close-in visibility and long range illumination. The BT30 measures 74mm in length, weighs 254g and is housed in an aluminum alloy with strong heat dissipation. The headlight comes with six quick-attach O-ring mounting straps for attachment to 20mm-35mm handlebars which facilitate 360 degree horizontal adjustment.

The BT30R contains two Cree XM-L2 T6 neutral white LEDs which deliver six light modes: Burst 1800 Lumens; High 1200 Lumens 1Hr 50Min; Mid 500 Lumens 5Hr 15Min; Low 200 Lumens 12Hr 50Min; Eco 100 Lumens 22Hr 35Min; Flashing 200 Lumens. The bike light is powered by a 2600mAh/7.4V rechargeable battery pack but can also be powered by two rechargeable 18650 Li-ion batteries or four CR123A lithium batteries in a BA4C battery case.

The Fenix BT30R is operated by a multifunctional button on the upper surface of the headlight. The BT30R can also be operated by a remote pressure switch. With the bike light off pushing the remote switch will activate the 1800 lumen brightness level until the buttons is released. With the light on pushing the remote switch will activate the highest brightness level that the power can support until the button is released.

The headlight features the Dual Distance Beam System which comprise of an upward beam reflection which forms auxiliary illumination immediately in front of the bike in addition to a broad floodlight which extends to over 170 meters. The upward beam of the BT30R is refracted to the ground rather than shone into the eyes of pedestrians.

The BT30R also features digitally regulated output which maintains constant brightness and a low voltage warning function. When the battery is running low, the BT30R’s low power indicator turns from green to red to remind the user to charge the battery pack.The Fenix BT30R pack includes one headlight, BA2B battery pack, remote pressure switch, `six O-ring mounting straps, extension cable, charger for BA2B battery pack an user manual.

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