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Flashlight Pack Of the Day: KANGORA 2 Pack Flashlight Kit


Today’s flashlight deal is especially timely since it is that time of year when you maybe be looking for that special gift either for yourself or that special someone. The Kangora flashlight pack contains not one but two very bright flashlights along with two 18650 rechargeable Li-ion batteries, an 18650 battery charger, two 18650 battery sleeves, two AAA battery holders, two lanyards and a user manual all pack in a handy Army Green carry case. This flashlight pack coming just under $29 could satisfy the emergency lighting needs of most users whether indoors or out on the camping and hiking trails.

KANGORA 2 Pack Flashlight Kit



The Fenix SD11 is a very bright flashlight which would be very useful for outdoor nighttime activity but is particularly designed for use underwater, especially while connected to your camera. The SD11 features an R+ light setting which is a combination of neutral white light and red light and is particularly suited to underwater viewing, photographing and video shooting. The flashlight measures 138mm in length and has a head diameter of 34mm. The SD11 weighs 132.5 grams without the battery installed.

Check Out The Fenix SD11



The TM28 is yet another addition to Nitecore’s series of powerful handheld rechargeable flashlights which, while suited for outdoor activity can however be adapted for indoor use. The Nitecore TM28 “Tiny Monster” flashlight has two light modes, the Daily mode which allows the user access to all the brightness levels and the search mode which is limited to the Turbo and High outputs. This Tiny Monster with the Search mode capacity would be very useful for first responders, search and rescue personnel and professionals in law enforcement and security. The flashlight would also be ideal for general lighting purposes with its Daily mode operation.

Check Out The Nitecore TM28



Owning more than one flashlight appears to be the trend nowadays and with the price of a quality light falling below the four dollar price point there is every reason why you should seek to acquire a few. The four pack mini SK68-Q5-3Mode flashlight set contains four bright mini torches which would make useful gift items but more importantly could serve vital tasks around the home during low light hours. The four lights allow a user the luxury of never having to remember to pack the EDC since one can be left in the home, one in the glove compartment, another in the shop and the fourth deposited in the tool kit.

Flashlight Pack Of The Day: Four Mini Cree Zoomable Flashlights


Fenix PD40R: Rechargeable Flashlight Delivers 3000 Lumens


The Fenix PD40R is an USB rechargeable flashlight which produces a maximum output of 3000 lumens and a 200 meter beam distance. The flashlight can be powered by one 26650 rechargeable Li-ion power battery or one 26650 rechargeable Li-ion battery. The battery can be recharged inside the flashlight via a connection from the micro USB port in the head to an external USB power supply. Reverse polarity protection guards against incorrectly inserted cells. The PD40R measures 5.45 inches in length and weighs 4.44 ounces without the battery installed. The flashlight is housed inside an aerospace-grade aluminum casing which features an anti-slip design, a crenellated bezel and a Type Ⅲ hard-anodized, anti-abrasive finish. Check Out The Fenix PD40R



Thinking of just what you would like to surprise your friends and loved ones with this holiday season but just can’t seem to make up your mind? No problem! Give them a flashlight from the Pocketman A100 flashlight pack of five. Who can deny the utility of having a bright flashlight especially in this period of reduced daylight hours. Since the flashlight pack does not come with any batteries you can either choose to include a rechargeable 18650 Li-ion battery and charger or simply throw in three AAA batteries to power each flashlight.

Check Out The Pocketman Tactical 5 Pack Flashlight Set


Fenix LD12 2017: Pocket Flashlight Powered By 14500 Battery


The Fenix LD12 2017 is a redesign of the LD12 flashlight with the addition of a rechargeable power option and a Cree XP-G2 R5 neutral white LED for better color rendering. The pocketable flashlight measures 102.5mm in length with a head diameter of 21.5mm. The LD12 2017 weighs 56 grams without the battery. The flashlight is constructed of an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy and features an anti-roll design and knurling for a firm grip. The LD12 2017 also features a detachable, titanium plated stainless steel pocket clip and a crenellated bezel for use in emergencies.

Check Ut The Fenix LD12 2017


Fenix FD30: Adjustable Focus Flashlight Delivers 900 Lumens


The Fenix FD30 LED flashlight features an inner and outer dual reflector optical system and a focusing ring around the head. Rotating the ring 360° moves the head and the reflector forward and backward from the LED allowing a user to manipulate the light beam from a spotlight and floodlight. The flashlight produces a maximum output of 900 lumens and a beam throw distance of 200 meters. The Fenix FD30 is a professional lighting tool which would be very useful for law enforcement and security personnel and just about any user seeking a quality emergency lighting solution.

Check Out The Fenix FD30



The Nitecore P05 is a sleek compact LED flashlight which provides the user with easy access to the Strobe light mode by simply holding down the mode switch in the tailcap.The PO5 is a lightweight flashlight weighing just 2.13 ounces without the battery installed. The flashlight measures 101mm long with a head diameter of 25.4mm. The Nitecore P05 is a pocketable flashlight which would be useful for just about any task including home security, biking, hunting and law enforcement.

Check Out The Nitecore P05



The Nitecore P30 is one powerful torch producing a bright 1000 lumen output and a far reaching 618 meter beam throw. This flashlight would be an essential piece of kit for cavers, hunters and search and rescue personnel. The compact P30 measures 5.57 inches in length with a head diameter of 1.96 inches. The lightweight flashlight weighs 5.83 ounces without the battery installed. The P30 in constructed from an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy which features a titanium plated pocket clip and a crenellated bezel. The flashlight also features knurling and an HAIII hard anodized, anti-abrasive finish.

Check Out The Nitecore P30