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Klein Tools Tradesman Pro Organizer Lighted Tool Bag

Klein Tools has has introduced the Tradesman Pro Organizer Lighted Tool Bag which is a sturdy tool bag that features a removable LED work light capable of illuminating the area inside and outside the bag. The Lighted Tool Bag is constructed from 1680D ballistic nylon weave and features an orange interior and a fully molded bottom. The bag has 31 pockets and comes with a shoulder strap with extra padding and handles. The work light which can be easily removed from the bag with a twist on/off action is easily operated by a push-button side switch. The light features a swivel hook and magnet which allows it to be attached to almost any surface for hands free use.


Flashlight Of The Day: SuperNight 6 LED Searchlight

SuperNight 6 LED Flashlight

Some folks prefer their flashlight to be a spotlight that illuminates a small area while others prefer a floodlight that brightens the immediate environment. If you desire a floodlight the SuperNight flashlight with its six LEDs is unlikely to disappoint. The SuperNight is powered by four 18650 Li-ion rechargeable batteries which, while delivering a very bright beam, will no doubt produce some heat with prolonged use. If you intend to use this flashlight for extended periods it may be best to exploit the low setting. The SuperNight has a nice golden brown color and is housed in an anodized, aircraft-grade aluminum alloy. The flashlight utilizes six CreeXM-L T6 LEDs which produce a very bright floodlight beam reaching up to 1000 meters along with high, medium and low light modes. The flashlight is operated by a push button side switch. The SuperNight flashlight pack does not come with batteries or charger.


Fenix LD50

The Fenix LD50 flashlight is built for the outdoors so all you bikers, cavers. hikers, hunters and professional users out there, come let us take a closer look at this very bright new flashlight. Delivering a maximum output of 1800 lumens the LD50 is basically two flashlights in one with side side by side reflectors, battery compartments and separate circuits which make the flashlight usable even when one of the LEDs is not powered. The LD50 is constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum and features a flat body design. The flashlight also features an anodized anti-abrasive finish, curved sides for a comfortable grip along with a built-in belt clip for convenience.

The LD50 contains two Cree XM-L2 (U2) LEDs which combined produces a maximum output of 1800 lumens, a beam distance of 270 meters and five light modes: Turbo 1800 Lumens 1Hr 35Min; High 750 Lumens 4Hr; Mid 350 Lumens 10Hr; Low 140 Lumens 25Hr; Eco 25 Lumens 150Hr; Strobe 1800 Lumens. The flashlight can be powered by two rechargeable 186550 Li-ion or four CR123A 3V CR123A Lithium batteries in the separate battery compartments. Alternatively you can light up one of the dual LEDs with one 18650 or two CR123A batteries.

The Fenix LD50 flashlight is operated by a single button switch which you press and hold 0.5 seconds to turn on the light. With the flashlight turned on you press the switch to cycle through the light modes – Turbo – Eco – Low – Mid – High. You can also access the instant strobe feature by pressing and holding the switch for one second. The flashlight also packs the standard features of digitally regulated output which maintains constant brightness, reverse polarity protection to guard against improper battery installation and low-voltage warning function to remind you to replace the battery.


SureFire E2D Defender Ultra Dual Output LED Flashlight

Hello and Happy Monday to you! Welcome to the early edition of Flashlight Reviews presented here at FlashlightPacks.com twice weekly. How often do you maintain your flashlight? Taking apart your flashlight every once in a while, wiping it clean, oiling the connections and replacing damaged “O” rings should result in a more satisfactory performance over the working life of the lighting instrument. Here is today’s list of reviews. Enjoy!

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SureFire Y300 Ultra

The new SureFire Y300 Ultra unlike the X300 Ultra is not designed to be attached to a weapon. The X300 Ultra is however designed to be attached to metal surfaces with its magnetic base, or connected to bag strap, belt or backpack with its quick-detach belt clip. Since the flashlight measures only 3.6 inches in length it would fit snugly into the palm of your hand to be used as you would any other handheld light. The SureFire Y300 Ultra is housed in anodized, aerospace aluminum casing which is O-ring and gasket sealed. A steel two-way pocket clip is also included in the flashlight pack to provide additional secure attachment options, such as fastening the Y300 to the bill of a cap or carrying it securely in a pocket.

The Y300 Ultra’s LED combined with the beam-intensifying TIR lens produces a maximum output of 500 lumens of white light and two light modes: High 500 Lumens 2Hr; Low 15 Lumens 15Hr. The Y300 Ultra is powered by two 123A batteries. The flashlight is operated with its toggle switch that permits easy one-finger or thumb operation. Pressing the switch on either side would produce high-output momentary-on operation while rotating the switch up or down would deliver constant-on high-output activation. The low-output setting is accessed by pressing (for momentary-on) or rotating (for constant-on) the switch within two seconds after initial activation.


Fenix HL55

For all you cavers out there Fenix has introduced the HL55 headlamp which features the instant burst mode of 900 lumens. So, in the event you find yourself in an emergency situation all you have to do is press and hold the headlamp’s side switch for one second and your surroundings would be lit up with the burst mode. The lightweight HL55 weighs 115 grams (excluding batteries) and is housed in an anodized aluminum alloy with an anti-abrasive finish. The headlamp contains a Cree XM-L2 T6 neutral white LED which produces a maximum output of 900 lumens, a beam of 116 meters and five light modes: Burst 900 Lumens; High 420 Lumens 3Hr 45Min; Mid 165 lumens 10Hr; Low 55 Lumens 30Hr; Eco 10 Lumens 150Hr.

The Fenix HL55 headlamp can be powered by one 18650 Li-ion rechargeable battery or two CR123A batteries. The headlamp is operated by an all-function side switch and features a 160-degree tilt mechanism which allows the user to adjust the beam where needed. The Fenix HL55 also features digitally regulated output which maintains constant brightness and reverse polarity protection which protects against improper battery installation.


Dipper BD01 Cree XM-L2 U2 LED Flashlight

Hello and Happy Thursday to you! A big ThankYou for taking the time to visit our bi-weekly roundup of flashlight reviews from recent postings on the Web. In today’s flashlight tip we ask, is your flashlight waterproof or water resistant? A straight answer to this question would be to get a dive flashlight if you want a truly submersible light. Most other flashlights range from being water resistant to moisture from raindrops right up to being submersible to a few meters depth. Whatever the description, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to disassemble the flashlight after it has been wet, wipe it dry with a clean cloth and lightly oil the screw threads before putting it back together. Here is today’s list of reviews. Enjoy!

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ThruNite T20S

So you are one of those folks who prefer the bright stainless steel design of a flashlight over the more ubiquitous black anodized aluminium finishes. ThruNite has recently released the compact T20S which should meet with your satisfaction. The T20S is housed in a stainless steel body which features the surface treatment drawing process. The mini flashlight which measures 80.5mm in length and comes with a removable clip and also features an ultra-clear glass lens with anti-reflective coating and an OP reflector.

The ThruNite T20S utilizes a Cree XP-G2 LED emitter which produces a maximum output of 255 lumens, a 104 meter beam and three light modes: High 255 Lumens 55Min; Low 11 Lumens 19Hr; Firefly 0.04 Lumens 100Hr. The flashlight can be powered by one CR123, RCR123 or 16340 battery. The flashlight can be operated by a push button switch in the tailcap or by a twist of the head. The T20S is compact enough to be carried on your belt, bag or pocket without you being aware of its presence. While the flashlight would be just as handy indoors and out, the light is particularly suited to illuminating tight spaces for technicians and reading off clipboards and maps.


VicTec Super 4000 lumen Diving Flashlight

If you desire to get your hands on a really bright diving flashlight for less than forty bucks you can check out the new VicTec Super 4000 lumen flashlight which is submersible up to 100 meters. The VicTec is encased in an aircraft grade aluminium casing which features a tough waterproof coating along with being double “O”ring sealed. The flashlight contains three Cree XM-L 3xT6 LED emitters which produce a maximum of up to 4000 lumens and three brightness levels: High; Medium; Low. The VicTec is powered by two LI-ion 18650 rechargeable batteries (sold separately) which deliver a maximum runtime of thirty six hours. The flashlight which measures nine inches in length is operated by a push-button switch in the tailcap. Should you consider acquiring this product you would also have to purchase the required rechargeable batteries and charger.


NexTorch P2AAA

Hello and Happy Sunday to you! Welcome to the weekend edition of Flashlight Reviews here at FlashlightPacks.com. Are cheap flashlights any good? As good as you want them to be. Anything that illuminates in a time of need has to be a thing of some value. That said, if you are going to invest a cheap “disposable” flashlight it may be useful to purchase more than one in case of emergencies. There are of course several quality flashlights available for sub $25. Here is today’s list of reviews. Enjoy!

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