Nitebeam 900F

Ever since the increase in security threats around the world there have been heightened awareness on the part of customs officers of potential hazards passing through airports. Flashlight owners in particular have experienced some difficulty in their efforts to acquire 18650 rechargeable batteries from a country other than the one in which they reside.These Li-ion rechargeable batteries not only deliver more juice to the Cree LEDs but can be recharged and reused over a significant period of time. It is very welcomed therefore when you are presented with the option of owning a neat flashlight which offers the options of using both AAA and 18650 power sources. The Nitebeam 900F is labelled as a “focusable” flashlight since you can access the light’s brightness levels by pulling and pushing on the head as well as via a click of the side switch. When you operate the flashlight using the switch a reset function kicks in reverting back the light to high mode after it’s been turned off.

The flashlight can be powered by one 18650 rechargeable battery or three AAA batteries with the use of a cartridge. The Nitebeam 900F has a runtime of two hours in high mode. The flashlight is constructed of aircraft grade aluminium alloy. The flashlight’s LED produces a maximum output of 900 lumens and three light modes: High 900 Lumens; Med -450 Lumens; Low 90 Lumens. The Nitebeam 900F flashlight pack includes two 18650 rechargeable batteries, a charger and a cartridge to hold three AAA batteries.


3 Pack 27 LED Compact Work Lights

There comes a time when a flashlight is not the best tool to provide illumination especially when you need a light to provide illumination for a sustained period of time in a stationary location. Additionally, while some flashlights are constructed so that they can be stood on their tails and operated as candles they are however too easily knocked over. Enter the Aibocn 27 LED Compact Work Light which is designed to illuminate work spaces be they in the home, office, campsite, workshop or on the road during an auto emergency.

The Aibocn compact work light is housed in an ABS plastic body and is equipped with a magnetic mount back that can attach to metal surfaces and a convenient fold-away hanging hook for easy carrying, use and storage. The work light features 24 standard LED lights and 3 directional LED spot lights which produce two light modes: 3 LED white light mode; 24 LED White lamp mode. The Aibocn compact work light is powered by 3 AAA batteries and operated by a push button switch located below the LED panel. The 3 Pack Aibocn 27 LED Compact Work Light flashlight pack contains three work lights and no batteries.


Fenix PD35

Flashlight Reviews Update Friday 18th April

Hello, and Happy Friday to you. To all the readers who reserve today for religious observance, peace be unto you. In today’s weekend update of flashlight reviews from around the Web we have the Fenix PD35, Thrunite TN12, Orcatorch D500, SingFire SF-326 and Xtar BK12 bike light and flashlights. Enjoy.

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Nitecore EAX Hammer

The new Nitecore EAX Hammer is a solid beast of a flashlight built from an anodized aero grade aluminum alloy featuring a mineral glass lens with anti-reflective coating. The EAX Hammer contains s two CREE XM-L2 T6 LEDs which produce a maximum output of 2000 lumens, a 490-meter and five light modes: Turbo 2000 Lumens 1Hr 30Min; High 1200 Lumens 1Hr 45Min; Mid 400 Lumens 7Hr; Low 150 Lumens 18Hr; Moonlight 1 Lumen 800Hr. The flashlight is powered by eight AA batteries. The EAX Hammer is operated by a single button which features a two-switch design that can sense pressure like a camera button. The switch located just below the head features an indicator on the front which is designed to display battery voltage in bright blue and also serves as a reminder of flashlight location to prevent loss. The Nitecore EAX Hammer would be handy to keep around the home but would be especially useful to have around in your vehicle in case of emergencies.


Fenix E25: Upgraded 2AA flashlight delivers 260 lumens

Fenix E25

While the Fenix E12 maybe the perfect EDC for fitting into your pocket the flashlight may just fall short of packing the punch you desire. No need to worry, Fenix has recently upgraded their E25 flashlight which now produces 260 lumens and a 180-meter beam. The E25 however measures 146 mm in length with a 24mm diameter which ensures you would be aware of this flashlight whenever you carry it around in your pocket. The flashlight is constructed of an anodized aircraft-grade aluminum alloy and is capable of standing on a flat surface to serve as a candle.

The new E25 utilizes a Cree XP-E2 LED which produces four light modes: Burst 260 Lumens; High 130 Lumens 1Hr 45Min (AA) 3Hr 30Min (Ni-MH Battery); Mid 55 Lumens 8Hr 15Min (AA) 10Hr (Ni-MH Battery); Low 8 Lumens 10Hr (AA) 10Hr (Ni-MH Battery). The flashlight is powered by two AA batteries. The Fenix E25 is operated by an all-function side-switch located on the head. This flashlight is bright enough to satisfy the illumination requirements for both indoor and outdoor activities.


Fenix E12

Need a bright , sub $25 EDC but would prefer one which is powered by an easily available power source? No problem, Fenix has upgraded their E11 to the E12 which would just about satisfy your specifications. The E12 measures 90mm in length, has 19mm diameter and weighs 28.5-grams (excluding the battery) making it ideal for fitting into your pocket. The flashlight is housed in an anodized aircraft-grade aluminium alloy and features an anti-abrasive finish.

The Fenix E12 contains a Cree XP-E2 LED which produces a maximum output of 130 lumens, a beam of 88 meters and three light modes: High 130 Lumens 1Hr (AA) 1Hr 30Min (Ni-MH Battery); Mid 50 Lumens 3Hr 30Min (AA) 6Hr 30Min (Ni-MH Battery); Low 8 Lumens 22Hr (AA) 40Hr 30Min (Ni-MH Battery). The flashlight can be powered by one AA alkaline or Ni-MH battery. The E12 is operated by a tail tap switch which you click once to turn on/off the light and tap when the light is on to change modes.

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Coleman High Power Battery Operated LED Flashlight

Flashlight Reviews Update Sunday 13th April

Hello, and Happy Sunday to you. It may not feel like it but we have all but reached the midway point in the month of April. While we are approaching the period where daylight is longer than previous months, we however have to take note of the upcoming “Hurricane Season”and stock up on emergency supplies long before they are needed. Of course it never hurts to include a couple flashlights and/or headlamps in your list of ‘must-haves’. We try to assist you in that effort here at by providing uptodate reviews of the various lighting instruments available. Enjoy.

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Fenix TK35 Ultimate Edition

If you are really serious about your flashlights you may want to consider the new Fenix TK35 Ultimate Edition which utilizes the Cree MT-G2 LED emitter to not only produce a 1800-lumen output but also a neutral white tint for better color rendition. The TK35 Ultimate Edition is housed in an anodized aircraft-grade aluminum alloy and features an ultra-clear glass lens with anti-reflective coating along with an orange peel reflector. The Cree MT-G2 LED produces 75 degree wide beam which stretches for a maximum distance of 242 meters.

The flashlight has six light modes; Turbo 1800 Lumens 1Hr 30Min; High 750 Lumens 4Hr; Mid 250 Lumens 13Hr 30Min; Low 25 Lumens 150Hr; Strobe 1800 Lumens; SOS 250 Lumens. The TK35 Ultimate Edition can be powered by two 18650 Lithium-ion rechargeable or four 3V CR123A Lithium batteries. The flashlight is operated by a dual switch system in the tail. The power switch turns the light on and off and the mode switch allows the user to to toggle through the various flashlight modes. This flashlight could serve just about any lighting needs but would definitely be an asset out on the hiking and camping trails.


Colorlight, Eldsberga 2010-05-05

IMTRA has introduced the Colorlight high-output searchlights which feature a dual light head platform and offer unparalleled and unlimited horizontal and vertical movement. Operators have the flexibility to choose dual light beam models that allow half or full power with built-in redundancy in case of bulb outages; or models with two different light spectra technologies within the same fixture for maximum flexibility.

Designed specifically to endure a harsh marine environment, each light fixture can be controlled independently or in unison, manually or via a preset program. In addition, for applications that require heat signature imaging, Colorlight searchlights can be factory-configured to include a thermal imaging camera installed between the two light housings, maximizing equipment utilization while conserving space on the bridge roof.

Colorlight searchlights feature paired light housings that can be fitted with a number of different lighting technologies, a key differentiating feature of the brand. For maximum brightness, range and “daylight” color temperature, efficient and exceptionally bright HMI (hydrargyrum medium-arc iodide) lamps are available. For moderate range applications, the Colorlight digital LED models feature very low power consumption and 50,000-hour lamp life. Low-frequency UVA (ultraviolet) “black light” lamps have proven extremely effective in poor visibility conditions and for oil spill detection. The popular UV lamps can be operated alone or in combination with other lamps within the same-paired unit.

Colorlight searchlights also feature coated parabolic reflectors that provide over 90% light transmission efficiency, and a beam angle that can be focused steplessly throughout a 3- to 20-degree range. The searchlights have unlimited, 100% vertical and horizontal maneuverability, and dual axis stepless speed control of 0 to up to 33 degrees per second. The IP66 acid-proof stainless steel housing can be mounted upright or hanging upside down. Automatic control options include sweep, surveillance, fixed-position and network synchronization.


Streamlight ClipMate USB

The Streamlight ClipMate USB is a multifunctional USB rechargeable clip-on light that can be easily attached to clothing, hats or bags for convenience. This light would be especially useful for service and emergency personnel but would also come in handy for map reading out in field. The lightweight ClipMate USB is encased in a polymer housing and is abrasion and water resistant. The clip-on light contains a white C4 LED which produces two light modes: High 70 lumens 3.5 HRS; Low 10 Lumens 24 HRS. The ClipMate USB also has a red LED for night vision which delivers two modes: High 0.5 Lumens 16 HRS; Low 0.2 lumens 65 HRS. The clip-on light is powered by a rechargeable lithium polymer cell fully which recharges in-product in for 2.5 hours and is rechargeable up to 300 times. To recharge the battery you simply remove the USB cover to expose the charge tab for charging via USB source or AC wall adapter. The Streamlight ClipMate USB is operated via a push button switch which you press to turn on and hold to change from white to red LED.