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The Fenix TK47UE (Ultimate Edition) like the TK47 is a very powerful LED flashlight which also features a multi-functional red/white tail light. While the TK47 delivers a far-reaching 700 meter beam and a very bright 1300 lumen output, the TK47UE blasts a maximum 3200 lumen output and a 400 meter beam. The TK47 therefore shines the light further while the TK47UE offers the user the option of literally “turning night into day” with its floodlight. With its bright headlight the TK47UE would be well suited for professional use by search and rescue personnel, law enforcement and security along with recreational users such cavers, hikers and hunters. The Fenix TK47UE with its diffused tail light can however be used to provide illumination for reading and signalling.

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Flashlight Review 1-17-17

Happy Tuesday and thanks for checking out our weekly update of flashlight reviews from recent postings around the Web. With the new year well and truly on its way how are you doing with those new year resolutions? So long as you have set realistic goals you really should not experience any difficulty trying to stay the course. The key here is to feel good about yourself in all the things you do. Here is today’s list of reviews. Enjoy!


Flashlight Review 1-17-17

The Naissance flashlight pack consists of two handy magnetic flashlights/work lights which you can use as standalone flashlights, bike lights or handy utility lights around the home or shop. The compact Naissance light is housed in a hard plastic casing and features a flat design with a worklight on the front surface and a flashlight on the top surface. The light comes in a Blue and Orange finish. The Naissance also features a fold away hanging hook which allows a user the flexibility of locating the light above a work area. A built-in magnet at the back of the Naissance light allows the work light to be attached to metal surfaces which would be handy in the event of a low light emergency.

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The Fenix TK47 is a rugged flashlight with its powerful headlight designed primarily for outdoor use but the light can also be adapted for low light tasks with its diffused tail light. The headlight of the TK47 produces a maximum output of 1300 lumens and a beam throw distance of 700 meters making it an ideal lighting tool for search and rescue personnel, the military and security personnel. Recreational users such as cavers, hikers and hunters would also derive great utility from this flashlight. The diffused tail light features a red and white light which are useful for signalling and reading.

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The Olight H1R Nova is a versatile lighting tool since it can be be used as flashlight or headlamp. The H1R Nova represents an improvement on the previous H1 Nova with its 600 lumen output and magnetic charging port. The mini light measures 2.4 inches long and has a head diameter of 0.8 inches. The H1 Nova weighs 1.82 ounces without the battery installed.

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Flashlight Review 1-8-17

Happy Sunday and Welcome to second edition of Flashlight Review for January 2017 here at FlashlightPacks.com. In today’s update of recent postings on the Web we have user reviews of the Convoy BD06, Klarus XT1C, Nitecore SRT3, Reylight Pineapple, Thorfire PF01S, ZanFlare F1 and several other flashlights. Enjoy!


Flashlight Review 1-8-17

The Klarus Mi7 Ti is a bright mini flashlight which can be easily attached to to your pocket, belt or bag strap when outdoors. The Mi7 Ti measures 87.2mm long and has a bezel diameter of 19mm. The flashlight weighs 40 grams without the battery installed. The Mi7 Ti is housed inside a TC4 Titanium alloy construction which features diamond knurling and a keychain hole in the tail-end for attachment of a lanyard. The mini light also features a reversible, stainless steel clip and a corrosion, scratch resistant finish.

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The Prosvet E6 is an adjustable-zoom flashlight which simply means you can adjust the light beam at will by sliding the head out and in to shift from a spotlight to a floodlight. The flashlight also comes with a free dome (Diffuser) which you affix to the light head to produce handsfree area lighting of a room workshop or campsite.

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The Lumintop SD26 is a rugged, compact LED flashlight which delivers a maximum output of 1000 lumens and a beam throw distance of up 205 meters. The SD26 measures 123mm in length and has a head diameter of 38mm. The flashlight weighs 127 grams without the battery installed. The SD26 is constructed from an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy which features an anti-slip design, a crenellated bezel and tailcap and a hard anodized, anti-abrasive finish.

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Flashlight Review 1-2-17

Happy New Year Folks! Welcome to the first edition of Flashlight Review for 2017 here at FlashlightPacks.com. Hope you achieved the most from your endeavours this past year and wishing you even more success in 2017. Did you receive a flashlight or did you give away a flashlight over the holiday period? I Have to admit I drew a blank on both accounts. Since you maybe one of the lucky few who received a light as a gift and may be a little curious as to its features you should check out online reviews of previous owners. So without much further ado, let’s check out today’s update of some of the most recent flashlight reviews. Enjoy!

Flashlight Review 1-2-17