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The Fenix TK25Red is a tactical LED flashlight specifically designed for the sport of hunting with its capacity to produce both white and red light. The flashlight would also satisfy the need of a user searching for a professional lighting tool to illuminate low light conditions whether in or outdoors. The TK25Red delivers a maximum output of 1000 lumens of white light and a beam distance of 225 meters while the red light delivers 310 lumens and a beam distance of 200 meters. The flashlight can be easily switched from white to red light by turning the flashlight head left or right. The white light can be used for normal lighting while the red light protects night vision and is more effective for searching and hunting.

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The WdtPro 2 Pack LED flashlight set contains two bright flashlights which can be used to illuminate your surroundings in the event of a low light emergency. The flashlights would also be very handy for nighttime activities including biking, camping, hiking nad walking the dog.The WdtPro is an adjustable focus flashlight which allows a user to adjust the focus of the light beam by simply sliding the flashlight head back and forth. The flashlight is powered by readily available AAA batteries.

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Flashlight Review 12-2-17

Happy Weekend Folks! This is the first weekend of December 2017 and being only the second day of the month you can probably take a little time off ahead of the very busy weekends later in the month. In today’s update of flashlight reviews from around the Web we have reviews of the Armytek Barracuda Pro, Fitorch MR35, Haikelite MT07S, Ozark Trail, Nitecore LR10 and Rofis R1 flashlights. Enjoy!

Flashlight Review 12-2-17

The Probe Shiny adjustable focus LED flashlight kit contains one flashlight, AC charger, car charger, nylon pouch, bicycle mount, 18650 3200mAH 3.7V Lithium Ion battery, 18650 battery sleeve, AAA battery carrier and user manual. The flashlight and accessories come packed in a neat, handy Army Green carry case.The Probe Shiny light can be carried either inside the nylon pouch attached to your belt or mounted on the handlebar of your bike with the included bike mount. The 18650 battery sleeve holds the 18650 battery before being placed inside the light. Similarly, the AAA battery carrier holds three AAA batteries which are inserted into the flashlight in the absence of an 18650 battery. The battery accessories ensure a tight fit inside the light thereby avoiding battery rattle when the light is in use.

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Flashlight Review 11-27-17

Hello and Happy Cyber Monday to you. I hope you find your flashlight gift for yourself or someone else at a price you can afford. Just in case you need to check out a review of a particular light, you are welcomed to peruse our extensive archives of flashlight reviews. In today’s roundup we have reviews of the Emisar D1S, Klarus G20L, Nextorch TA30, Nitefox UT20, Nitecore TM26GT and ThorFire VG15S flashlights. Happy Shopping!

Flashlight Review 11-27-17

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While we have highlighted several flashlights in the past which could be used as your bike light, today we take a look at a really nice bike which could easily serve as a useful flashlight around the home or campsite. The Blitzu Gator 320 USB rechargeable bike light set includes one rechargeable headlight with mounting bracket, one red rear light and a USB cable for charging the headlight. The Blitzu Gator headlight when attached to your bike can light your the path to your destination and on arrival you can detach the light and use it as your flashlight while moving around on foot.

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The iCoostor 2 pack LED flashlight set contains two adjustable focus flashlights, lanyards and AAA battery holders. The iCoostor flashlight can be powered by three AAA (NiMH/Alkaline) batteries or one rechargeable 18650 Lithium Ion battery. If for some reason you are not disposed to using AAA batteries, you would have to purchase one or more 18650 batteries along with a charger. The iCoostor flashlight set comes packed in a neat brown box which can be gift wrapped for that special someone over the holiday period. The flashlights can be used to provide emergency lighting around the home and shop or outdoor illumination while biking, camping and hiking.

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Flashlight Review 11-18-17

Hello, Happy Saturday and a pleasant weekend to you. Thanks as always for taking the time to check out our regular compilations of flashlight reviews from posts around the Web. In today’s update we have reviews of the ArmyTek Predator Pro V3, Brightex FL11, Imalent DX80, Klarus Mi1c , Nitecore TINI Mini LED Keychain Light and Wuben T103 flashlights. Enjoy!

Flashlight Review 11-18-17

There are several reasons why you should have more than one flashlight in your possession. It is always useful to have a spare item of your most important (or most used) tools handy in case the other becomes unusable. With two or more lights at hand you can leave one in your car and one in the home without having to bother to remove one from either location to illuminate the other. While we may not be disposed to parting with our prized possessions, there will be the odd occasion when you feel obliged to lend your flashlight to a friend. Having a spare light ensures you will never be left in the dark. We can go on and on but the most important factor to consider is that of price. Good flashlights are relatively cheap nowadays and purchasing more than one will not cause any serious depletion of your financial resources.

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The Bronte BT31 is a solid, very bright flashlight which delivers a maximum output of 2000 lumens and a beam throw distance of 1420 meters. This powerful searchlight is clearly designed for outdoor use and would be ideal for first responders, search and rescue personnel, police officers and the military. The BT31 would also come in handy for cave exploration, hiking, hunting and property surveillance.

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